We always find this illusive comfort when we always think from inside our small boxes. We quickly retreat to small, tight corners of family, clan, tribe, religion, region or all such different aspects of who we think we are when issues of general interests come up; that’s not what we should be or do. We should engage sincerely and in meaningful ways.
We are a sum total of all these vital attributes and more!
Each time we act on the basis of only one attribute exclusive of all the other essential attributes, we lose the essence of the whole!
The human body is a very striking parallel here. Together, the different components work seamlessly, otherwise the body is impaired. Would we care less?

We seem to always lose sight of the panoramic view of our essence which if we understand completely includes not only those who share our peculiar attributes, but incorporates others with more/other attributes that may also enhance us further.
How can one deny the good in or for another without short-changing him/herself?
God or Divine Providence has so crafted this world in such a way that if anyone denies another any good, he/she will be limited to such an extent as well.
Its either we do justice to ourselves (because Providence encoded us with that capacity) or God Himself will mete out justice (which has no appeal).
Let’s open our eyes and try to find out where our hands are needed. It is time to become philosophical about how things are going on in this country of ours where sectional interests are so deeply rooted and human vices are discussed more than human virtues.
May the souls of the departed find peace with God; one and all.


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