We are all unique!

Nobody is indispensable; it is a word spoken in appreciation, endearment or even discontent but, oftentimes leaves the recipient feeling empty, used and exploited. 
On the other hand, we do not have to treat others like they are disposable; that there is always an alternative to them. They are not goods. 
There is no alternative to anyone created by the hands of the Almighty God. We are uniquely different and complete enough to complement each other.
It is ungodly and an impure thought to think that our connections to each other is there to primarily serve someone else’s needs without primarily serving one’s needs and that what’s next, is to be mutual. 
It’s unethical to think anyone should come first in another’s life. 
It destroys the fundamentals of friendship, marriage, family and community where we need, to treat each other with mutual respect. 
Chine’s musings.