Its really interesting when one displays ignorance of common knowledge. When one of four, five, six, etc., etc. is ignorant of what’s common knowledge, that one person is so non-perceptive to be labeled arrogant. Arrogance is not a high status symbol by the way. “I do/did not know” coupled with a pigheaded reluctance or refusal to learn and know is acting with impunity. When a student doesn’t know the name of the school’s principal or a university undergraduate – the vice chancellor’s name; what is it? A man once asked his wife the address of her family house from where he married her just twelve years ago. When she flipped at that, the remarks she got were: don’t people forget again? Haa, that’s how they are! Funny. A child comes home from school and is asked the teacher’s name. Answer: I don’t know. Is this commonplace or am I moving with the wrong crowd?I hear there are parents who do not know what classes their children are in, when they are taking college entrances or class tests and examinations. Some do not even know how their children are doing in the higher institutions they pay so much to send them to and do not even know when they are graduating or whether they have graduated. The ability and quest for knowledge is the cheapest gift anyone can give to oneself. Schooling is different because you go there to confirm what you know already as well as learn the rules and guidelines in specific areas and specialties. Other than this, basic knowledge to know and understand oneself is free and God-given. Knowledge acquisition refines us and makes better and easier to live with. I mean common basic and rudimentary knowledge too that also teaches good etiquettes.  But, the zeal for the acquisition of that knowledge is so essential to take us to a level where our minds are occupied and leaves us with no time to scheme and plot against others. 


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