This is so disconcerting. Humanity is losing its ability to make calls about what’s right or wrong; sacred or profane; good and evil; etcetera. We are living in a world that is becoming more secularized because we are becoming more independent/individualized or herded in one direction or the other by those we’ve resigned our destiny into their authority to do what they deemed right for us without caring where they lead us. We are also choosing to remain at the crossroads or sit on the fence waiting to jump onto any ride headed in any direction – hell or heaven. We are afraid to make conscious efforts for heaven that involves decision-making/small judgements towards the final judgment by God Himself for fear of being accused of being judgmental by a world getting too secularized yet, wants God’s kingdom on earth. A world that is saying there is no sin but crime; A world without standards based on our faith but, on mundane things like relativism. A world that wants to be politically correct instead of being Christ-correct yet, profess Christianity so profusely but are afraid to see or say wrong is being perpetrated. There are also unfortunately Christians who are so positive-minded and clean of heart that they do not recognize the evils happening around them. They do not want to judge but, are hopeful that things will change for good after becoming so bad first. We are all flawed. Yes, but we must strive at doing our charity which includes action as well and remain hopeful to give impetus to our faith. God is in each and every one of us to help us distinguish good from bad, judge right from wrong and do something about it. Sometimes, we call it wrongly but, we repent and ask for forgiveness. But, first speak up, create an awareness, report to authority, admonish the wrong doer in love , by teaching, coaching and mentoring and helping by means available before things reach crises points, etcetera. Denial that the power of God in us is not to be used for the good of others is self-defeating because it works against our own good also. 


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