Africa Arise.                                                      It has long passed the time for Africa to rise. May this generation not be the timid, beggary generation we were.  May this generation be rich in ideas, contentment, useful energy, generosity that enriches and enables the other person, etc. May this generation be so enriched with things money cannot buy that they are not contemptuous of each other or greedy with pride and arrogance. They will never be ignorant and not want to grow and increase their knowledge of the world around them. They must share and contribute to each other’s perspective for the good and evil in the world is too big for one person to own and apportion or bear alone. Each must contribute more to the commonwealth (through ideas, energy, resources, et cetera) than he/she takes away. Let them step on the shoulders of the magnanimous souls that are still alive so they can look farther into and beyond the horizon beckoning at them to come and explore the vista ahead. Africa has the youth, the arena is vast, the market is huge. Above all, the willingness is palpable, the spiritedness is infectious and time beacons. It is liberating to feel this moment. Awake Africa!


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